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What is happening to the Brazilian Amazon?

Compared to 2018, fires in Brazil have already increased by 82%.

According to INPE, the national space agency, the present increase in Amazonian deforestation is unprecedented.

Much of the increase can be attributed to a 95% cut to the country's budget for combating climate change.

Source: Climate Action Tracker / Mídia Ninja

August 10 and 11 this year were marked by the so called 'Fire Day' a criminal demonstration in support of Jair Bolsonaro.

Demonstrating their belief that Brazil does not need Germany and Norway to protect its biodiversity, large landowners started fires across various parts of the Brazilian rainforest, adding to the devastation of the Amazon.

Source: Mídia Ninja

The Amazon is reaching a dangerous tipping point. We need to scale solutions now if we have any chance of save it.

Source: World Economic Forum / Paulo Barreto (Imazon)

Conservation Sites and Indigenous Lands are also being target and are suffering from fires


Conservation Site

source: Inpe


Indigenous Lands


What are the consequences?

Traditional local populations are being directly affected and there is an imminent threat to biodiversity.

The consequences of this burning

affect the entire continent.

Fires in the region produced a massive plume of smoke that has been spreading across South America.

Accelerating burning and deforestation may disrupt the process of evapotranspiration in the Amazon rainforest. This could also weaken the so-called 'flying rivers' of water vapor released by the forest that produce much the rain that falls on the continent.

  • Drought (dry weather);
  • Decreasing rainfall;
  • Increasing temperatures (especially in cities);
  • Soil degradation, reducing its productivity;
  • Respiratory issues, caused by low humidity;
  • Possible fall in the height of rivers due to decreasing rainfall.

The loss of these flying rivers would bring grave consequences:

What are the consequences?

Source: FAO / Mídia Ninja

But you can do a lot!

When will it stop?

Emergency actions will not solve Amazon's

deepest problems

You donate

Support direct emergency actions coordinated by local nonprofits, citizens and agencies to combat forest fires and deforestation (Apuí, Maués and Uatumã/AM) and to fund sustainable development initiatives in the the region.

You raise awareness

Let everybody knows what is happening in the Brazilian Amazon and share this initiative with your family and friends

Welight redirects 100% of the resources to local nonprofits with strong plans, discounting only the payment method fee from PayPal

We allocate funds

Nonprofits' direct actions

Nonprofits will do the best use of financial resources to combat forest fires (Apuí, Maués and Uatumã/AM), advocate towards environmental policies, regenerate forest areas and implement sustainable development initiatives


Together with the nonprofits, Welight will be responsible for the accountability and transparency of the resources applied


Together with the nonprofits, Welight will be responsible for the accountability and transparency of the resources applied

Which nonprofits will receive the funds?

Nonprofits will do the best use of your resource to:


Combat forest fires in partnership with local agencies and volunteers as well as the government


Regenerate affected areas through initiatives in partnerships with local communities, the true guardians of the Amazon forest


Implement sustainable development initiatives in partnership with local traditional population, indigenous people and riverside populations

Who are our outreach and strategic partners?

Willing to

For larger donations, tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), to join coalition of outreach partners or other types of collaboration please use the form or send us an email!

do more?

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Spread the word, sending love and light!

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